Family Sells Cat With House for an Extra $140,000 by Grieves, Deidre

Family Sells Cat With House for an Extra $140,000  by Grieves, Deidre
A couple in Melbourne, Australia made $2.2 million on the sale of their house. But the contract included a strange clause that may surprise some pet owners—the buyer asked that the family’s 4-year-old cat be included in the sale.

According to the Herald Sun, Michael and Fran Perceval auctioned off their five-bedroom home and attracted a buyer at $2,060,000. But, the buyer’s child had loved the Percevals’ cat named Tiffany so much that they offered an additional $140,000 for the addition of the furry feline.

The couple agreed to the deal—much to the dismay of the family’s 19-year-old son Sam, who purchased Tiffany from a pet store when she was a kitten. The Percevals told reporters that they are still negotiating with the teenager. “We’re thinking we’ll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose,” said Fran.

Real estate agent Glen Coutinho orchestrated the deal and said that this is the first time one of his contracts included a “cat clause”

The Perceval family also includes two dogs, two rabbits and a fish. And while the family says that parting with Tiffany will be “difficult,” the offer of $140,000 is too good to pass up for this family.

Fran Perceval explains that Tiffany already acts like she owns the home and the family doesn’t foresee the cat having a hard time settling in with her new family.

The Percevals did say that they will likely adopt another cat from the RSPCA when they move to a new home.

Would you ever sell your pet if someone offered you $140,000 and you knew it was going to a good home?

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