Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Welcome to Furry Beginnings Pet Grooming Spa in Gilbert, where pets are our inspiration and their well-being is our passion.

Every successful business begins with a dream. Ours was ignited by a muse named Mason, a delightful shepherd/collie mix. In 2011, my daughter and I adopted him from a rescue called Arizona Happy Tails, and from that moment, he became an integral part of our family, filling our lives with joy and companionship.

One morning, as I departed from the corporate world, I sought guidance from Mason on what I should do next. He responded with an affectionate nudge, and in that moment, I had an epiphany. Reflecting on our experiences with past pet groomers, I realized that none quite met my standards. The impersonal service, cold metal cages, grooming tables placed next to each other, long stays, and the lack of privacy left much to be desired. I yearned to find a place where Mason could be cherished as deeply as I cherished him.

Inspired by what Mason would truly want, I envisioned a grooming spa with private suites, one-on-one appointments, and dedicated time solely for him, eliminating the need for cage drying practices. With his comfort and happiness at the forefront of my thoughts, I set out to create a grooming experience that exceeded all expectations.

Driven by this vision, Furry Beginnings was born. Our grooming spa is designed to be a sanctuary where every pet is treated with the utmost care and respect. We offer personalized grooming services in a serene and stress-free environment, ensuring that each pet feels pampered and loved.

Thank you for choosing Furry Beginnings Pet Grooming Spa. We look forward to providing your furry family members with an unparalleled grooming experience that will leave them looking and feeling their best.

Pet Grooming, Self Wash


Furry Beginnings vision is to provide quality lifestyle Pet Grooming Services for all dogs, cats, and their families, not only to give back to Gilbert’s economy, but also to own and operate one of the best East Valley’s pet salons dedicated to premium pet pampering

Furry Beginnings offers luxury  pet grooming  spa services for every pet to enjoy

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Pet Grooming, Self Wash


At Furry Beginnings Pet Grooming Salon in Gilbert, our mission is to cultivate lasting relationships with both pets and their owners by delivering top-notch pet grooming services. Our team of experienced pet groomers delivers personalized care, prioritizing premium products to enhance overall pet health and wellness of your furry companions. With a commitment to using premium products aimed at enhancing pet health and vitality, we ensure that every interaction is centered around the comfort and satisfaction of both pets and their human companions. Our foundation is built on honesty, integrity, and reliability, ensuring that appointments are met on time and services are delivered with exceptional care. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering professional grooming services in of the highest quality, achieving remarkable results while safeguarding the health and happiness of your beloved pets. safety as our main priority.

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