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Due to your pet’s love for you, the excited movements they so adorably make around you may create an unsafe environment for grooming. Therefore we don’t allow owners to be in the room as we groom him or her. However, we have cameras in each suite and a monitor at front for you to watch. We also would love to show you around the facilities! You can make an appointment to see the facilities before booking an appointment, or you can book a little extra time before your first appointment for a tour.

As professionals we strive to stay on schedule. Please support us by bringing your pet five to ten minutes before its appointment time and picking up your pet promptly after the grooming session is completed. We do not provide boarding.

The sooner you bring your puppy or kitten in for its first grooming, the better. This is because your pet may need time to get accustomed to the grooming experience and enjoy it. Our recommendation is to bring your new pet in two weeks after their last vaccination. We may not use clippers on your pet for their first visit, since the change from a pup to adult coat depends on the breed. For your pet’s first grooming experience, we make sure to introduce them to the environment in a manner as stress free as possible to make sure that they enjoy all future visits. Our goal is to see your dog’s tail wagging when they come in our doors.

Yes you request the same groomer, so long as you make your appointment ahead of time. The reason people make this request is they are concerned about their pet’s anxiety level. There are many reasons why your pet may be shaking, as it is a new environment and this can be overwhelming. The key ingredient is to make sure that your pet is comfortable. Getting used to our salon is what will help them to get through the grooming session easily. They’ll really love it when they get a whole bunch of attention with their brand new look!

Anal glands are scent sacs that are located underneath your dog’s tail. Some breeds are able to empty them on their own, and some are not. Before asking us to express your pet’s anal glands, please make sure to discuss with your veterinarian if it is healthy to do so, as some veterinarians prefer to avoid expressing the anal glands.

Furry Beginnings is proud to be a tick/flea free environment. If your dog is known to have a parasitic infestation, we ask that your grooming appointment be rescheduled to a time when your pet is free from said infestation. We recommend that you contact your veterinarian to provide you with the best recommended treatment.

Our grooming costs vary depending on the pet, breed, coat texture, and fur length. In addition, the individual style that you request may be more labor intensive and therefore cost more. All pets vary in size and difficulty, which is why we don’t have set prices.

We do not offer just haircuts, mainly due to the fact that bathing and fluffing your pet’s coat to put the finishing touches on a grooming session is a very big part of the final product. A professional wash and dry in-store is required.

We recommend all vaccines, but only rabies is mandatory.