Meet Our Pet Groomers

Our talented team of pet groomers dedicated to pampering your furry companions. Explore our gallery to get acquainted with the skilled hands and warm hearts behind every grooming session. From stylish trims to relaxing baths, our groomers are committed to providing top-notch care tailored to your pet's needs. Dive in and discover why pet owners trust Furry Beginnings for expert grooming services that leave tails wagging and hearts smiling.

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Emily: Your Pet Stylist Extraordinaire!

Looking for a groomer who combines artistic flair with a heart of gold? Meet Emily! With her love of grooming doodles of all sizes, Emily's passion for pampering pups shines through in every groom she does! Emily's gentle touch and compassionate nature makes each grooming session a joy for pets and owners alike.

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

McKenzey, our fearless grooming whisperer!

Got a nervous Nelly or a scaredy-cat? McKenzey's got the magic touch to turn their frowns upside down! Specializing in challenging cases, she's the go-to guru for those tough-to-handle pups and even our feline friends! With her gentle approach and calming vibes, she works wonders, leaving even the most anxious fur babies looking and feeling their best.

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Megan: Your Caring & Skilled Dog Groomer!

Introducing Megan, our compassionate groomer who specializes in caring for nervous pups. Fear Free Certified and with a knack for soothing even the most anxious pets, Megan creates a stress-free environment for every grooming session. With her amazing scissoring skills, she turns every dog into a work of art, leaving them looking and feeling fantastic. Plus, if you have a Pomeranian, Megan's love for these fluffy pups shines through in every snip!

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Debbie, our fabulous fur stylist!

Got a petite pooch in need of a pampering? Debbie's your gal! With her expert hands and a keen eye for detail, she's the master of crafting adorable long cuts, especially for our beloved Yorkies! Whether it's a cute top knot or a fancy hairstyle, Debbie's creativity knows no bounds!

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Tori, our amazing dog groomer

With a heart full of love for every furball she meets, Tori's passion shines through in every groom. From playful puppies to seasoned seniors, she pampers them all with care and skill. And guess what? Her soft spot? Yorkies!

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Jenn, our grooming guru!

With her magical touch, she turns tangled messes into picture-perfect pups. Got a matted fur emergency? Jenn's your hero! She's a master of transformations, turning every haircut into a work of art. But wait, there's more – she's got a flair for mohawks and bows galore! If your furry friend needs a style upgrade, Jenn's the one to make it happen!

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Candice aka Tess! our groomer extraordinaire

Meet the magician behind the scissors, especially when it comes to our beloved small pups, with a soft spot for seniors and a particular fondness for Pomeranians. Candice's gentle touch and tranquil demeanor create the perfect oasis for older dogs needing a little extra TLC during their grooming sessions. From fluffy trims to pampering sessions, she's here to make sure your fur babies leave feeling like the stars they are!

Pet Grooming, Self Wash

Mariana, our dog bather extraordinaire!

Whether they're big, small, fluffy, or short-coated, Mariana showers every pup with love and care! With a soft touch and a heart full of affection, she's a pro at pampering our furry friends from head to tail. From gentle de-shedding sessions to spoiling them rotten, Mariana makes sure every dog leaves feeling like royalty!

The ultimate retreat for the pampered pet, Furry Beginnings is specially designed to provide a calm, relaxing and safe haven in which pets can be groomed, indulged and revitalized.